Outbound Relay

Outbound Relay is an decryption proxy that allows you to share Evervault-encrypted data from your server to third-party APIs. Under the hood, Outbound Relay is an HTTP CONNECT proxy that intercepts requests from your API to specific third-party endpoints, terminates TLS and swaps encrypted data with the original plaintext. By the time the request reaches the third-party API, all fields are decrypted, and the request will appear as a valid API request for the third-party.

To use Outbound Relay, simply include and initialize the Evervault SDK in your application and enable outbound relay. Outbound Relay can be used in any of ourĀ server-side SDKs. Once you have included the Evervault SDK in your application, Outbound Relay can be enabled for specific domains within the Evervault Dashboard.